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Looking to briefly interview someone

Hello there! I'm a college student taking a course called Race and the Media, and I need to have a discussion with someone of a different race than myself about a media text (film, novel, TV show, etc) where "race or ethnicity figures in a prominent manner." As someone studying Asian culture and Mandarin Chinese, I'm most interested in talking to someone of Asian descent about a media text involving Asian characters/stereotypes/etc.

The nice thing is that YOU, the interviewee, gets to pick the media text we discuss. In addition to providing me with your first name and some super basic background info (age, country you were born/live in, whether you're a student or professional, etc), there are 4 questions I need answered:

1) Why did this media example come to mind?

2) What stands out for you in terms of a character(s) or subject matter?

3) How does race or ethnicity make its presence felt? Is it a positive or negative portrayal?

4) How does this example compare to other films, books etc that deal with race?

So, if anyone has the time to chat a bit, let me know! :) I'd be really grateful.

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